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Renovating Before Selling


Many people choose to do some renovations before selling a house. Renovations can add value or appeal to a house.

If you’re considering renovating to sell, there are some steps you can take that might increase your chances of adding value to your home through your project.

Every place is different. It pays to do some research, and talk with professionals who understand the local housing market. But, there are some useful principles that tend to apply in many situations.

When you’re planning your renovation, take first impressions into account. When a potential buyer enters your home, you’ll want them to be impressed. Some factors can have a bigger impact than others. For instance, a new patio might completely change the appearance of the house, or a new kitchen might make the entire house look more modern.

You’ll also want your potential buyer to imagine living in your house. A good way to do this is to use neutrals in your house’s colour scheme. Although a particular colour might be fashionable or a personal favourite, if your buyer doesn’t like it, this could distract them. A neutral colour palette gives your buyer the space to imagine their own modifications.

With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure that the new additions look consistent with your house as it stands. From colour to age, it can pay to avoid drawing attention to your new additions. For example, if your kitchens and bathrooms both look tired and older, it’s usually better to budget for fixing both areas, or neither.

As a final tip, it can be helpful to involve professionals. Although DIY renovation is tempting, when you’re renovating to sell, you’ll want to make sure that the job is finished on schedule and on budget. A professional renovation can also increase the appeal of the finished project, by ensuring that the quality of the final result is as high as possible.

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