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A lot of our clients who are looking at creating an outdoor living area on the Gold Coast are unsure about the name of the structure they are considering, or the one that would suit their needs. To make it simpler for you, here are the basic descriptions:

Decks from ASAP Home Improvements are typically connected to your house, made from timber and can be used in a number of different ways. Some clients require a deck that will extend the living area of their home and others may just prefer the timber look over stone, tiling or concrete.
A pergola is not attached to a building and is similar to a gazebo. Pergolas were originally used for climbing plants to grow up and over as usually the roof will consist only of beams.
The word ‘patio’ is Spanish for courtyard. Typically clients request patio’s to be covered with concrete, covercrete or stone slabs. Other variations are designed with cobblestones, tiles or bricks. Patios are often placed at ground level or slightly higher as the materials used tend to be heavier than those used for a deck.
Once you have worked out how you would like your outdoor living area to function, it makes it a lot easier to choose the type of building you require.

A “pergola” is commonly a structure that does not have a full roof, usually shades an area in your garden, give you a space to grow your climbing plants and can bring a fantastic sense of ambiance to nearly any outdoor space.

The building material used for a pergola commonly includes:

  • Posts
  • New or recycled timber
  • Steel/aluminium
  • Concrete columns
  • Shading Materials
  • Featured rafters
  • Battens
  • Shade cloth
  • Wire for creepers/vines

Custom-designed to suit your specific requirements, your pergola can be a delightful place where you can escape the Gold Coast sunshine and enjoy your backyard.

The team at ASAP Home Improvements will discuss the proposed site location and all design features with your to ensure the privacy of your outdoor living, and the functionality of your new pergola.

At ASAP Home Improvements we recommend that you call into our office so you can actually touch and feel some of our standard products which will help you choose your favourite. We can also show you an extensive portfolio of previous work we have done. Make sure you check out our online testimonials page, and you will see that ASAP Home Improvements are the people you can rely on to turn your backyard into your perfect outdoor living area.

Contact our Gold Coast office to find out how we can help you with little or no out-of-pocket expenses, or alternatively you can pay less when you pay cash.

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