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If you are looking for an easy way to add a little extra outdoor living space to your home, you are probably considering that a new deck may be just what you need. And on the Gold Coast, where we thrive off outdoor living and sunshine, we couldn’t agree more. But a well designed and built timber deck can be a lot more than just a bit of extra space, without a large increase in the cost.

ASAP Home Improvements can show you how to easily enlarge your living space and create a relaxed atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The right deck, in the right position should also add a lot of value to your home.

It is important to consider which deck would be most suitable for your needs, just because it looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the most suitable option for your family, lifestyle, yard and future renovation plans.

ASAP Home Improvements have the experts on hand who are happy to sit with you and discuss your requirements, your lifestyle, your budget and your property. They will be able to show you the design options and ideas for your new deck that will suit your needs and give you the outdoor living area you are looking for.


We’re taking you back to the basics here, but for those who may be a little confused:

Decks from ASAP Home Improvements are typically connected to your house, made from timber and can be used in a number of different ways. Some clients require a deck that will extend the living area of their home and others may just prefer the timber look over stone, tiling or concrete.

A pergola is not attached to a building and is similar to a gazebo. Pergolas were originally used for climbing plants to grow up and over as usually the roof will consist only of beams.

The word ‘patio’ is Spanish for courtyard. Typically clients request patio’s to be covered with concrete, covercrete or stone slabs. Other variations are designed with cobblestones, tiles or bricks. Patios are often placed at ground level or slightly higher as the materials used tend to be heavier than those used for a deck.


Materials and patterns for your new outdoor living area are subject to availability. Because ASAP Home Improvements work is guaranteed, we only use accredited materials to ensure we can achieve the best quality results for your project and we provide a standard warranty in line with QBCC industry standards.

Contact our Gold Coast office to find out how we can help you with little or no out-of-pocket expenses, or alternatively you can pay less when you pay cash.,/p>

For more information or for assistance, contact our team at ASAP Home Improvements and we can walk you through the enquiry process and answer any questions along the way.

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