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If you are looking at having some concreting or tiling done on your Gold Coast property, there are a couple of things for you to consider. Concreting will give you an almost endless variety of options, so let ASAP Home Improvements sit down with you and help you decide the look you are after and the product that would best suit you.

Have you ever wondered why concrete is such a popular choice for Gold Coast driveways? The answer is that in terms of versatility, durability and value for money, it’s hard to beat. Concrete is incredibly durable, easy to maintain and long lasting. After the initial cost of installation, a concrete driveway will normally last several decades with only minimal maintenance. It also has a non-slip surface which helps prevent slips and falls, ensuring safety for those with elderly relatives or small children.

Here are some things you should consider when thinking of installing, or renovating, a concrete driveway.

Colour and texture
Choose a concrete colour that best compliments your existing home. Consider the landscape it is set in. In the countryside, you might want to choose neutral browns or greens, or on or near the coast, blues or sand-coloured hues might be more appealing. These selected colour combinations should be continued throughout any adjoining outdoor patio or pathways. This helps create a property that sits nicely on its plot, and doesn’t appear too out of place.

For the more heritage-style homes, or Queenslanders, choose natural patterns that mimic stone or slate. If your house is modern, you might want to think about a more contemporary finish. At ASAP Home Improvements, our team are experienced and can talk you through your decisions to ensure your project is exactly how you are picturing it.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete doesn’t have to be the boring grey finish of past decades. With today’s technologies, concrete resurfacing can be done to create a decorative finish on your plain concrete surfaces. ASAP Home Improvements can resurface concrete that has already been laid at your Gold Coast property and has had time to cure for a minimum of 28 days. Our spray-on resurface coatings bond rigidly to existing suitable concrete surfaces and help create a slip resistant, textured, decorative surface with excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Avista’s resurfacing system is widely chosen by top builders for their luxury display homes. Resurfacing can transform your bland or discoloured concrete surface with amazing results. Available in the latest colours, our concrete resurfacing products are sure to win you over. Designed to be sprayed over existing concrete, our wide selection of colours will add that designer-edge to your Gold Coast property.

If you would like to discuss concrete solutions or outdoor living area options with the team at ASAP Home Improvements, give us a call now and make sure you ask about our easy, no interest repayment plan, or paying less when you pay cash.

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